EasyTrace 2013.3 is now available!


It combines new features from the 2013 release, improvements (import facilities, TOC estimation, electrofacies) and bugs corrections. More

InterWell 2013 : Now Available


Beicip-Franlab is proud to announce the release of InterWell 2013 More

OpenFlow Suite 2013 has been released!


Beicip-Franlab is delighted to bring to the market its new synchronized OpenFlow Suite 2013 software release. More

Flash is required!

The IFP-Group geoscience software solution for reservoir & basin modeling

Featuring a set of unique capabilities to perform complete simulation workflows, at both regional and local scales, OpenFlow Suite is the solution for exploration and reservoir assessment teams to successfully tackle the ever-challenging problematics they are dealing with.

Beicip-Franlab is one of the leading petroleum consulting firms and software editors in the world. Its internationally recognized permanent staff of more than 200 experts and technology are available through technical assistance and transfer of knowledge. The personnel, who has gained worldwide experience in operating and service companies in the petroleum and related industries constitutes the backbone of the Company's structure and competence. More

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