EasyTrace 2012 now released !


Learn about Easytrace 2012 new features and download the release.

This new major release is available in 32bits and 64bits versions, for both Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Linux (RH5).

The main new functionality is the Rock Type Classification. This patented methodology combines a Principal Component Analysis followed by a curves classification. The goal is to create rock types using SCAL data. This workflow can be compared with the previous one for electrofacies determination using classical logs. Improvements have been also integrated in the Fracture AVAz module as well as corrections and minor enhancements.

Please find here below a complete list of new functionalities and improvements:

  • Rock Type Classification : Non-supervised approach (PCA and classification)
  • Curves Transformation
    • SHg => Sw 
    • Sw Normalization 
    • Pc Lab => Pc Reservoir
    • Leverett (J-function)
  • Display Enhancements in Multi-Graph 
  • Fracture AVAz application
    • New computations 
    • Display enhancements
  • Facilities
    • Markers name display in tables
    • Points size and color
  • Link with OpenFlow 2012 
  • Bugs corrections