InterWell 2013 : Now Available


Beicip-Franlab is proud to announce the release of InterWell 2013

What is new with InterWell 2013 ?


Since 2011, InterWell offers a unique solution for both pre-stack and post-stack inversions. In 2012 the whole interface was redesigned taking advantage of INTViewer technolgy. Wavelet Estimation was not yet integrated into this platform.


InterWell 2013 provides the integration of the Wavelet Estimation module, which has been re-designed in order to give more flexibility and QC possibilities.



InterWell 2013 features also some new facilities:

  • EasyTrace – InterWell direct link for uploading and downloading well data from and to an EasyTrace Database
  • Clusters: Inversion jobs can now be run directly on a cluster
  • MatLab link: Pre-defined Matlab scripts can be launched
  • Several corrections and enhancements have been done, including gridding or smoothing multiple horizons simultaneously, RMS map, display of the Objective function decrease, SEGY partial loading, 4D inversion enhancements.


You can download InterWell 2013 after logging to your User Area (top right of this screen).


We wish you a very good experience with this new release. Our team are available to help you get hold of it at