OpenFlow Suite 2013 has been released!


Beicip-Franlab is delighted to bring to the market its new synchronized OpenFlow Suite 2013 software release.

The E&P Software Solutions from Beicip-Franlab

Dear OpenFlow Suite users,

This release represents a leap forward in the continuous development of our innovative suite of software by focusing on integration, user-friendliness, performance, all supporting new advancement in Geosciences.

Among its numerous improvements, inspired by our user community, scientific breakthroughs from IFPen and rapid changes of the Industry landscape, the most noticeable are :

  • The integration of Dionisos (Stratigraphic modeling) allows innovative workflows in exploration with TemisFlow and in field development with CobraFlow and Interwell to build better geological models.
  • The integration of CougarFlow with TemisFlow brings the best of sensitivity analysis and uncertainty estimation to Petroleum System Assessment.
  • PumaFlow, our simulator, now comes with a new PVT module, PVTFlow. To be noted also, the parallelization of our calculators on the Windows platform.
  • Interwell is now fully ported to the INTViewer technology making it the most productive and user-friendly Seismic Inversion solution in the industry.
  • Many innovations geared towards better understanding and modeling of your unconventional reservoirs, both in the exploration with TemisFlow and in production with PumaFlow

We invite you to visit the user area (top right) for the detailed release notes along with the Software Installer. Please note that you will need an updated license to run this release.

Our support organization is here to help you enjoy this new release and can be contacted via its email address

We appreciate your confidence in Beicip-Franlab’s technology and wish you the best productive experience in deploying and using this software release.

The OpenFlow Suite team