Featuring a set of unique capabilities to perform complete simulation workflows, at both regional and local scales, OpenFlow Suite is the solution for exploration and reservoir assessment teams to successfully tackle the ever-challenging problematics they are dealing with.


The IFP-Group geoscience software solution for reservoir assessment & basin modeling.

Operational effectiveness :

Integrating a bundle of geoscience applications in a next-generation, rich-client software environment, OpenFlow Suite provides a more intuitive user experience by bringing interactivity to a new level, increasing user-friendliness and reducing learning-curves through proper user guidance. This ultimately results in significant productivity enhancement

Multi-disciplinary approaches :

They are at the core of the OpenFlow Suite design, with a set of tools unified in an integrated work environment which share a persistent data model and may be combined according to the operational requirements

Technical excellence :

OpenFlow Suite fully benefits from the validated IFP research outcome. It results in the continuous implementation of unique software capabilities, paving the way for breakthrough achievements in the most challenging E&P contexts

Workflow-oriented :

OpenFlow Suite features all the functionalities needed for mastering the following workflows :

  • Basin Modeling - Petroleum systems evaluation
  • Naturally Fractured Reservoirs - from characterization to simulation
  • Reseroir assessment - Reservoir simulation, AHM, uncertainties


TemisFlow is the new generation basin modeling software developed by IFP Group. It aims at providing explorationists with a software solution able to tackle the new exploration challenges, meet the demand for higher performance tools & bring user-friendliness, model building ease & data management to a new level, TemisFlow is the essential basin modeling tool.

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EasyTrace is a multi-disciplinary 1D data processing and editing tool, featuring advanced spreadsheets and a wide range of functionalities for geologists and geophysicists.

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CobraFlow performs upgraded geologically meaningful simulations using algorithms developed by IFP and the Center of Geostatistics of the Paris School of Mines. CobraFlow produces the finest models on the market and uses the best upscaling methods to generate simulation models. Embedded in the reservoir optimization process with CondorFlow, EasySense and PumaFlow, it helps keep a geological model consistent with the simulation model all along the study. This greatly helps when it comes to add new drilled wells in the model.

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Benefiting from 15 years of research and consulting on Fractured Reservoirs in the whole world, Beicip-Franlab and the IFP release FracaFlow, the most advanced package for fractured reservoir characterization, modeling and calibration on the market.

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PumaFlow is IFP’s new generation reservoir simulator featuring rigorous physical formulations, high performance computing, brand new user-oriented interface and work environment. PumaFlow has been validated by Beicip-Franlab on some of the world’s largest or most complex oil fields in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Russia.

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EasySense is Beicip-Franlab industrial deliverable from COUGAR JIP led at IFP. It provides the reservoir engineer with all the necessary tools to quantify the risks associated with the reservoir production.

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EasyTrace 2013.3 is now available! 18/12/2013

It combines new features from the 2013 release, improvements (import facilities, TOC estimation, electrofacies) and bugs corrections. > More

InterWell 2013 : Now Available 08/08/2013

Beicip-Franlab is proud to announce the release of InterWell 2013 > More

OpenFlow Suite 2013 has been released! 23/07/2013

Beicip-Franlab is delighted to bring to the market its new synchronized OpenFlow Suite 2013 software release. > More

EasyTrace 2012 now released ! 20/09/2012

Learn about Easytrace 2012 new features and download the release. > More

OpenFlow Suite 2012 is now available ! 23/07/2012

Beicip-Franlab is pleased to announce the release of OpenFlow Suite 2012. This release represents a step change in terms of innovation, productivity enhancement and user friendliness. > More

Update Easytrace 2011.2! 12/12/2011

Learn about Easytrace new features and download the release... > More

OpenFlow Suite 2011 Service Pack 2 23/09/2011

All the info about OpenFlow Suite 2011 Service Pack 2. > More

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