CougarFlow is the Beicip-Franlab solution to manage uncertainties in reservoir simulation studies, match production history profiles, analyze production forecasts, evaluate and optimize field development scenarios.


In addition to state-of-the-art Uncertainties Management solution, CougarFlow offers a unique solution to speed up the history matching process and improve the quality of production forecasts.

CougarFlow brings great added value when incomes to preparing and understanding reservoir simulation models before performing Assisted History Matching.

Qualitative and quantitative Sensitivity Analysis for the entire life-cycle of the reservoir can be performed so that geologists and engineers better understand the encountered geology and physics at any stage of the field development.

Once the history match has been achieved, CougarFlow™ can be used to identify influential parameters on Production Forecasts.

Risk analysis can be performed through Monte Carlo sampling of the response surface. CougarFlow™ ensures great flexibility in the choice of uncertain parameters such as:

  • Geological/engineering parameters;
  • Field development parameters;
  • Economical and financial variables;

in order to determine probabilistic distribution of production forecasts.


From Static To Dynamic Modeling

CougarFlow goes beyond the classic history matching procedure which tends to iterate on uncertain parameters manually, by using objective function-based optimization methods.

CougarFlow uses robust field-proven algorithms to optimize both geological and dynamic models, bringing closer geomodeling and reservoir engineering teams.

Faster Decision Making

CougarFlow drastically reduces the number of required reservoir simulation runs for faster decision making during field-development study.

Open Architecture

CougarFlow seamlessly integrates applications of OpenFlow platform (CobraFlow and FracaFlow), third-party geo-modelers (Petrel™, Gocad™, Skua™) and reservoir simulators (PumaFlow, ECLIPSE™, VIP/Nexus™, CMG™) to simultaneously optimize the geological and simulation models.

Key benefits

  • Innovative and proven algorithms, using custom gradient-method to optimize achieving an excellent convergence rate with minimum number of runs.
  • Numerous tools to analyze and understand the history matching results.
  • Sort history matching workflows, manage simulations, results, and access the raw data quickly at any time.
  • Quickly switch between History Matching and Uncertainty Management workflows.


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Integrated Modeling of the El Furrial Field Asset Applying Risk and Uncertainty Analysis for the Decision Making - by : L.M. Acosta, J. Jiménez, A. Guedez, E.A. Ledezma, J.A. Bello, A.J. Millán, M. Guzman, and E. Marin, PDVSA; F.J. Gómez, and I. Herrera, LandMark; and P. Córdoba, Beicip Franlap