EasyTrace is a multi-disciplinary 1D data processing and editing tool, featuring advanced spreadsheets and a wide range of functionalities for geologists and geophysicists.


EasyTrace is a multi-disciplinary 1D data processing and editing tool, featuring advanced spreadsheets and a wide range of functionalities for geologists and geophysicists.

Well data are often acquired in different formats, with different sampling rates, requiring appropriate processing for modern geological modeling. Geophysical and geological reservoir characterization both require specific log processing and editing, for example rock-typing from logs and cores, seismic signature analysis, and AVO feasibility analysis.

EasyTrace takes advantage of a true spreadsheet environment that offers advanced 1D data editing, analysis and processing functionalities to help geoscientists in their daily work.Easytrace is now plugged on OpenFlow platform and shares all its powerful capabilities with all the OpenFlow Suite Applications, especially CobraFlow and FracaFlow.




Data editing

  • Log re-sampling (e.g. regular to irregular, regular to interfaces)
  • Log blocking
  • Interactive log editing

Basic processing

  • Mathematical and logical calculator
  • Signal processing
  • Synthetic seismic trace generation (acoustic and elastic)
  • MD <-> TVD law estimation, MD <-> TVD conversion


Signal simulation

  • Generation of a complete set of wavelets from analytic or user-defined characteristics
  • Interactive wavelet definition through display and editing of phase and frequency content


Trace smoothing and Filtering

  • Kernel, polynomial and least square smoothing
  • Frequency filtering
  • Interactive editing of control points. Sonic log correction
  • Sonic log calibration in the depth domain using checkshots or VSP
  • Sonic log calibration in the time domain using seismic markers
  • Generation of time-to-depth laws


Log property simulation

  • Property calculation from lithologies
  • Density estimation from P velocity and lithology
  • P velocity estimation from density and lithology
  • S velocity estimation from lithology, density and effective porosity
  • Estimation of the P velocity and density with variable fluid content.

AVO / AVA analysis and Modeling

  • AVO curves: Shuey, Aki & Richards, Zoeppritz
  • Corrected or plane wave CDP gathers
  • Ability to take into account the anisotropy of the media
  • Analysis of imported CDP gathers
  • Gradient and intercept display (Ro-G) and cross plot


Fracturing and AVAz

  • Computation of reflection and transmission coefficients induced by fracturing variation with azimuth.
  • 2 homogenization algorithms : self-consistent, Mori-Tanaka.
  • Generation of synthetic seismic, AVAz curves and maps.


Electrofacies and Rock-Typing

  • Electrofacies determination with non-supervised approach
  • Fast-track non-supervised log clustering
  • Electrofacies determination with a supervised approach using discriminant analysis
  • Facies log smoothing using probabilistic relaxation techniques


Principal component analysis (PCA)

  • Projection on principal factors
  • Log data filtering using the selected components


Operating System :

  • Linux Red Hat 5 32 and 64 bits
  • Windows XP/Vista 32 bits
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 64 bits


Hardware :

  • CPU of 2GHz or more
  • 1Gb Memory or more
  • 3D Graphics board
  • Network card (for license)


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Key benefits

  • Log editing and filtering;
  • Sonic log correction;
  • Petro-elastic modeling and log substitution;
  • AVO/AVA analysis and modeling;
  • Statistical data analysis;
  • Principal component analysis and discriminant analysis;
  • Electrofacies and rocktyping.